Frequently Asked Questions

Are your products from brands like San-X and Sanrio authentic?

Yes! All of the products offered on are authentic. Products can fall into one of three categories: direct from the brand, collaborations, or licensed goods. 

Collaborations and licensed goods are still considered authentic even though they do not come directly from a brand itself! Basically, collaborations and licensed goods have received official permission from a brand to use its property (such as characters, names, and art) for approved merchandise. 

As fellow fans and collectors of these brands, we understand the importance of purchasing authentic items, as there is often a huge difference in quality between an authentic and fake item. That is why we aim to provide only high quality, approved, and officially branded merchandise at Shibu Kawaii!

Are your products really from Japan?

All products are imported directly from official manufacturers and vendors in Japan!

However, please note that not all products are actually made within Japan. Some products may be made in other countries for sale in Japan, but these items are still often made according to their brand's high standards for quality!

Where do orders ship from?

Shibu Kawaii is based in the USA! All orders are packed within and shipped from the state of Texas.

Why are some products limited in quantity?

Many products are low in stock and only available in a very limited quantity. Any product that is low in stock will have a visible stock counter on its page. As a result, some of these products may sell out quickly!

Shibu Kawaii is a small business that operates without any large storage facilities, so we can only store and offer a limited amount of products. Additionally, we would like to offer new and unique items on a regular basis, so unless an item is in very high demand, it is unlikely that it will be restocked in the future.

If an item you are interested in is out of stock, please consider signing up for restock notifications! You will be notified via email if the item comes back in stock.

Please note: just because restock notifications are available on a sold out item does not mean it will be restocked; however, signing up for restock notifications helps us understand the demand for each item. If we see that an item is highly requested, we will try our best to get it restocked at some point!

We do our best to ensure our inventory is up to date and accurate with our stock count. But if a product you ordered is actually out of stock, then we will automatically adjust your order and notify you via email.

What does shibu kawaii mean?

Shibu kawaii is a subculture of kawaii, the Japanese culture of cuteness. Out of all the different types of kawaii, shibu kawaii is the most simple style. The term roughly translates to phrases like simply cute, subdued cute, and everyday cuteness.

The style of shibu kawaii means to look cute in a simple and casual way. For example, you can wear a pair of kawaii socks or have a kawaii keychain on your bag. Those are simple ways of incorporating a bit of cuteness into your daily routine!

Our store is called Shibu Kawaii because the term describes our brand's style and resonates with our goal of helping others find a variety of kawaii products!